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How to Edit Video – Why

There are lots of reasons to want to learn to edit video. It may seem like there’s a lot to learn, but I’m here to help make the video editing process a little easier by breaking down the steps into smaller pieces. I began to learn to edit video I was in college […]

2017-04-12T03:53:56-07:00 December 20th, 2012|How to Edit a Video|0 Comments

How to Edit Video – Getting Started

When you first learning how to edit video it is important to understand the basic process of video editing. There are three main components you will need to begin making video. First is some video. Hopefully you have purchased a camera and have recorded enough footage to get started. The […]

2017-04-12T03:53:56-07:00 September 26th, 2009|How to Edit a Video|0 Comments

How to Edit a Video – Terminology

Once you have a video editing computer and the software to do the work you are ready to learn the basics of how to edit a video.  There are lots of professional video editing software programs available and most use the same kinds of methods and terminology.  In this article, I will cover the basic […]

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