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How to Edit Video – Why

There are lots of reasons to want to learn to edit video. It may seem like there’s a lot to learn, but I’m here to help make the video editing process a little easier by breaking down the steps into smaller pieces. I began to learn to edit video I was in college and trying to finish a class project. It was a multimedia project that combined some video with slides and had music over the top. It was a very basic video and it took me about 8 hours to edit the video into something others could enjoy. In those days it was all vhs but today I have a speedy video editing computer that I used to put my videos together.

So why do you want to learn to edit video? I haven’t done much video editing in the last few years mostly because I’ve been shooting family videos to capture the memories. These days I have some time to pull all those tapes together and start to preserve and edit those videos. So I’m going to edit some video and show you how along the way. Hopefully, you will follow along and learn to edit video too.

Here are some reason to learn to edit video.

Preserve Memories
One of the best reasons to learn to edit video is to preserve your family memories. If you’ve shot video in the past, chance are you have tapes that you used to record it.  These tapes are magnetic and can be damaged very easily.  Any strong magnet like ones found in speakers will scramble the particles on the tapes and erase them.  These tapes will also begin to deteriorate over time and become unplayable.  The best way to preserve those memories is to get them off those tapes.

Share with Family and Friends
Another reason to learn to edit video is to share them with your family and friends.  Since you’ve spent many hours with a camera in your hands trying to get that perfect shot, why not let everyone enjoy these precious moments.  Don’t let these videos stay locked on the tapes or buried on some hard drive stowed in the closet.  There are tons of site that let you post and share your videos, create an account and start sharing.

Make Money
Today one of the best ways to make money is on the internet.  The people who use the Internet to make money are definitly using video to deliver their message.  They will create a site and promote it using video.  Video provides credibilty to your viewers and can be shared very easily to drive traffic to your site.

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