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When it comes to video editing on computers, Adobe has been a top player for over 20 years.  When your first learning how to edit video, the quickest  way to get started is to take a look at the software below.  These computer editing software programs are easy to use and help with learning the basics.  Once you get the basics down then you can step up to more advanced products like Photoshop and Premiere, which I will cover later.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 7

Make ordinary photos extraordinary with Adobe Photoshop Elements 7. It combines power and simplicity so you can tell engaging stories in beautiful, personalized creations for print and the web; and easily find and view all your photos.

Photoshop Elements 7 is an excellent program for home use by serious amateur photography who can not afford the hundreds of dollars for the professional version of the program. Its at least 80% of the Pro program. And, for the average person that is more then enough.

  • Easily upload photos to your website, iPhone, or CEIVA Digital Photo Frames, or view them on your TV.
  • See all your photos in one convenient place where you can scroll through them, apply visual keyword tags, and view and retrieve them fast–even if your library includes thousands of photos. Click to enlarge.
  • Effortlessly select an area and simultaneously apply incredible effects with a single stroke of Adobe Smart Brush. Click to enlarge.

Adobe Photoshop Elements & Premiere Elements 7

Instantly add cinematic flair to your photo slide shows Create a traditional photo slide show, and then let new InstantMovie automatically add video-style effects, transitions, motion graphics, and more. Preview the slide show in full screen and then burn it to disc or upload it to the web to share with family and friends.

Create your first movie in minutes.  Get started quickly with all your video clips and photos at your fingertips and easy options for making incredible movies. Count on new automated options to find your best clips or instantly edit them into a polished movie using Hollywood directors creative techniques. Or simply drag and drop thumbnails of clips, transitions, and effects to the Sceneline to create your story.


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