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Video Editing Computers – Hard Drives

If your just learning how to edit video or are building a new computer to edit video, one of the most important considerations is what type of hard drive to use.  There are a ton of options when looking at storage options for your video.  There are three main factors to consider when picking out a hard drive for your video editing computer.  One is portability.  Whether it’s internal or external drive will determine how easy it is to take to with you.  Another thing to consider when you edit video is the speed of the drive.  While not as critical as it used to be, it is still something that will affect your editing experience.   Space is also a big thing to consider.  Video files are large and will require lots of space.  Let’s talk about each of these in detail.

Internal or External

One of the first decisions you will make when your buying a hard drive for your video editing computer if the hard drive goes inside your video editing computer or sits next to it.  There are certainly advantages to each.  If you have lots of video and want to keep it secure, then I would recommend getting an external drive.  Here’s why,  hard drives are mechanical devices.  When you have a hard drive inside your video editing computer, it will be running all the time.  They will be working constantly, heat up and eventually fail.  Even though this can take a long time to happen, when it does all your data could be lost.  If you have all your important video on an external drive, simply turn it off when your not using it to save the wear and tear.  Also, if you get a faster video editing computer in the future, it will be easy to hook up and start using.  I also like the ability to take it away and use it almost anywhere.


One thing about video, exspecially HD  is that it takes up lots of hard drive space.  If you have lots of video, you can get a 1 terabyte hard drive for about $100 which will give you plently of space to cature video to and render the final videos.  It used to be very expensive to get a large drive like that but thanks to the wonders of technology, the prices are coming down.  I reccommend getting the biggest one you can afford and dedicating it to video storage.  That way you can have all your video in one place, which will make it easily accessable for editing.


The last thing we will consider when buying a hard drive for your video editing computer is speed.  The speed of the drive used to be critical forcapturing video.  You see the trick was to have a hard drive be speedy enough to keep up with the video flowing into the computer.  They had to handle 30 frames of video per second with videos that could be a long as 2 hours.  These days thanks to modern digital cameras, the capture process is a simple file transfer so the speed in capturing is not as imortant.  The reason you need a fast drive these days is for the video editing experience and rendering.  Most programs create files to speed up playback and rendering.  The faster your video editing computer can access the drive the better your experience will be.

I hope you’ve found this helpful.  If you have questions or comments please write them below.  Here are some drives that would be suitable to get you started.

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