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DVD Video Editing

DVD video editing is a process, that is usually performed alone, where you take random shots from various locations and days, tighten them up by trimming and organizing them until they tell a story in a concise and entertaining way. The editing process has not changed over the years. Some people will see a new movie and proclaim it a break through in editing technique. There are no new editing techniques. If you go back to the silent movie films you will see editing that is considered revolutionary today. DVD video editing has not changed video editing, but rather the format has changed, not the process.

DVD video editing, digital editing, has made the process quicker an available to all. When film was the medium, you had to have a projector in order to show your edited film. Time passed and video tape changed the the way we viewed movies, both theatrical feature films and home movies. Today, DVDs are the format of choice. Technological advancements may have had a beginning, but it appears that there is no end in sight. The advancements in technology are expanding geometrically and we will see many changes in the future that will make editing DVD video a thing of the past. What they are and when they will come, is anyone’s guess, but come they will.

What probably will never change is the profound impact that the video editor has on the whole process. The editor’s creativity is what brings life to a video, not the technology. Sure, computer graphics (CG) has changed what we see and expanded the editor’s ability to tell the story, but in the end it is not the CG that makes the movie, it is the video editor’s ability to tell the story in an entertaining way that makes the movie.

DVD video editing could more accurately be describe as DVD viewing format, because in essence that what the DVD is. DVDs are the viewing aid, like the projector, and the VHS before them and nothing more.

Look for the best video editing software that you can find and it will aid you in your movie making, but it will never make the movie for you. Only the video editor can come up with the ideas and the talent to bring life to their videos. I have often said that the editor that took the worst film and made it acceptable should get the Academy Award, not the editor that had the best story, the best director and the best actors. Keep that thought in mind when you are doing your DVD video editing and you will add subtleties and quality to you DVD video editing.

Thom Pryor was a professional Hollywood video editor for over 30 years working on some of your favorite films and TV shows. Now he helps people using Professional Video Editing tell a story with their video projects. Let him help you convert slides, preserve your media, and tell the story that lies underneath your video and audio projects.

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