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Getting the Best Video Editing Computer

Today’s video editing computers are very powerful compared to the computers of the last decade.  It use to take a very powerful and usually expensive computer to edit video.  Now all that has changed.  Computers are fast enough now that even the standard machine from your local computer shop will do the trick.  To make sure you have the best experience you will need to check a couple things before hitting the check out counter with your new video editing computer.

The first thing you will want to check out is the speed.  As I write this article, the quad core chips are the fastest.  The reason you need a fast processor is to make the video compression and recompression go quickly.  With the old computers, it could take over 24 hours to render a movie.  Hopefully, it was perfect before you hit the render button or you get to fix it and hit the render button again.

Next, you will want to check the hard drive space,  any great video editing computer will have at least 750 gigs in storage and usually a dual layer DVD Recorder.  A fast drive will make sure your video plays smoothly from your new video editing computer.  It will also allow you to store your files for easy access, but not forget to back up your files.

RAM is the next important piece of your new computer.  This is what makes the computer respond quickly and really make video editing fun.  When your just learning how to edit video the last thing you want is to wait for your computer to catch up to you.  Video editing computers should be speedy and responsive.

Finally, the monitor.  A monitor is where you will be looking most of the time.  Make sure the screen is nice and big so you can spread out those windows and see all your clips.  I would recommend at least a 20 inch monitor to start. The bigger the better.

So whether your just learning how to edit video or your an old pro, you going to need a fast video editing computer to handle the rigors of video editing on your computer.  Follow these tips and you’ll be editing like the professionals soon.  Happy editing.

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