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How to Edit Video – Video Transfer

One of the best ways to transfer video into a digital format is to do it yourself. You will still need a video editing computer even though we will not use it to capture video. This is not a difficult process but can be time consuming especially if your just learning how to edit video. Basically, you will connect your camera or vcr to your computer, play the tape and capture media to your hard drive. If you have a camera with a usb connection then you most likely won’t need any additional hardware but if you have an older camera or vcr then you’ll need to purchase some video gear like this to get your video tapes tranferred.

Pinnacle Video Transfer
Learning how to edit video like this is easy. Pinnacle offers a unique device for capturing video that doesn’t require a computer. This small box takes the place of video capture cards and other computer components. It connects directly to your camcorder and converts your tapes to a digital format making video transfer simple. It will convert any standard analog video signal (like a vcr or older camera) and make digital video. Simply hook up an external usb hard drive or flash drive and it will store your media directly to that device. Their “one touch” recording solution stores video in mpg format, which is great. This also means it will work with the best video editing software once we start editing video. For the price this is the easiest and most cost effective solution.
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Pinnacle Video Transfer Diagram

Pinnacle Video Transfer Diagram

When you’re learning how to edit a video you need to begin creating digital media to use in our video editing software. Getting your video tapes transferred into digital video doesn’t need to be difficult or time consuming.

The easiest way to get your video tapes transferred is to drop them into a box and send them off to a company that will convert them for you. When you’re done you will have great quality video without any technical challenges that sometimes accompany the manual process. The downside of this option is that if you have a lot of tapes or film, it will cost some of money. This company will provide this service for about $8 an hour. This will be the easiest way to make your video digital so we can begin to learn how to edit a video your friends and family will love. Professional video editing software will allow you to use this digital media to create some great family memories.


Right off the bat, this is my favorite site. These guys seem to be doing the video transfer business right. The website is very informative and seems to answer all the questions about getting your video captured and returned safely including dvd creation and digital proofing. You will need to box up all your video to use this service. I will take some time to convert your video but once they are all digitized you can view them before they make the dvd. So if there are clips that you will never use, like the one where you left the camera on and walked around for 10 minutes you can leave that off the permanent record. They also offer GPS tracking for your package if your worried about sending all your tapes and memories off in the mail.http://www.imemories.com/
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