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Flip HD Video Camera

For the last 20 years, I have carried video camera with me almost everywhere. While I’ve recorded lots of great video over the years, the one thing that has always bugged me is carrying it, holding it and lugging it around. In early 2009, I purchased the Flip HD video camera. This camera shoots some really nice video and is very tiny. I have a small pouch with a belt clip on it that works great. I hardly notice that it’s there and when I want to shoot some video, I can be recording in about 10 seconds flat. This small video camera will shoot about an hours worth of HD video which is great for a day at the theme park, boating or any other activity you choose. The camera also couldn’t be easier to use. It has a big red button to start and stop recording and zoom in and out buttons on each side. The best part about this camera is its built in USB plug. It flips right out of the body of the camera and plugs directly into your computer. Once the camera is recognized, it loads it own software and manages your video clips. It will take all your video off the camera and recharge the battery in the process. Once the camera video is on your computer you’re ready to begin to do some video editing. The best video editing software will allow you to import these files and begin to make video. I have been really impressed with this little camera and the video quality is excellent. Here is a link to their site to get yours.
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