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A Digital Camcorder Makes Shooting And Editing Video Easy

A Digital Camcorder Makes Shooting And Editing Video Easy

By: Eddie Lamb

Digital cameras truly make shooting and editing video easy and efficient, and with a digital camcorder you are able to create movies and then output them to tape or to a DVD, and you can even post them on the Internet. Before you purchase any sort of digital camcorder however, you should make sure that you understand at least a few of the basics so that you can feel assured that you will be getting the best quality as well as the best worth for your money.

Things to Remember When Shopping for a Digital Camcorder

There are certain key features on a digital camcorder that you should pay attention to, in order to make sure that they are what you want. For instance, the screen on a digital camcorder is one of the most relevant and significant factors of the entire device. After all, having a large screen built into the camcorder will let you more easily see exactly what you are recording and also facilitates playback previews.

The lens is another incredibly important part of any camcorder, and most modern camcorders have at least a 10x optical zoom, which should of course be more than adequate for common purposes. Remember that at higher zoom levels, the quality is so poor that you often cannot even see what was recorded.

Image stabilization is also incredibly important, and all camcorders offer one of two types of image stabilization: optical or electronic. With the optical choice, the camcorder’s lens mechanism moves to compensate for external movement, and with the electronic option, the image that is captured by the lens seems to float on the CCD, and the camcorder then uses that of internal circuitry to interpret the video after the image has been captured.

Then there is also the issue of sound, which involves that of microphones on the camcorder. Sound is almost as important to a video as the images, and so it is incredibly important to find a camcorder that is equipped with satisfactory sound properties. Some camcorders offer zoom microphones that enhance the subject’s voice, and then some also come with a socket for plugging in an external microphone.

There is also the ability of night mode. Many camcorders today have the ability to film at night, whether with the help of an infrared or a special slow-shutter mode that makes the most of ambient lighting, and then some of the available models offer both selections.

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