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Learn Three PC Packages That Can Help Editing A Movie

By: Shaun Parker

You have captured your movie, now what do you do with it? Here are three software packages that hope to help you turn your work into the next blockbuster.

CyberLink PowerDirector 7 Ultra
Chances are, if you have bought a camcorder or a TV tuner for your PC in the last few years then you will be aware of CyberLink and its video editing capabilities. With PowerDirector 7 is capable of importing most formats.

The video editing interface has the standard display and consists of a main editing window with timeline along the bottom of the screen. On the left-hand side there is a vastly improved window that displays control that can be added. Overall, this works well and the interface lacks nothing and makes using the software easy.

Along the top of the video editing screen are four different tabs: Capture, Edit, Produce and Create Disc. When it comes to importing video, this is a fairly robust program, as we found that it could easily identify and handle most devices and formats attached to our test PC. When it comes to new features, you will find plenty of tools to work with.

CyberLink PowerDirector 7 may not be as slick or as quick as the market leaders in the video editing arena from Adobe and Pinnacle, but you get the feeling that with this package at least CyberLink has caught up in terms of features and ease of use. This is a good all-round suite of tools and offers great value for money.

Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate
According to Pinnacle, there are 25 new enhancements in this latest version of the video editing software. Most of these are based around adding audio and video functionality, as well as tools such as Montage, which allows you to blend layers of animation and movie clips into one sequence.

The basic video editing package only handles standard definition editing, so you will not be able to create HD movies, or burn your finished films to Blu-ray though.

Studio 12 Ultimate is a great video editing package that logically moves this video-editing suite from Pinnacle to the front of the market. We found it easy to use and while most people will not immediately need the new tools, it offers plenty of room for growth, just make sure you buy the version that is right for you.

Magix Movie Edit Pro 14 Plus
This latest suite from Magix is aimed at those who have outgrown the rather basic features of Movie Maker video editor found in Vista and are looking to add more than basic transitions and edits from a video editing package.

Once up and running the video editing interface has a fairly crowded look to it. The three main tasks: Record, Edit and Burn each have their own tag on the top of the screen, opening a host of different editing tools.

If you are new to editing movie footage with a video editing package, or simply do not have the time to edit it yourself, the rather handy 1-Click is the perfect tool for you. This tool opens Movieshow Maker, which effectively takes your sequenced footage and adds a series of standard filters and transitions so you’ll have a finished film in no time.

Magix Movie Edit Pro 14 Plus works well and offers great value for money. We felt the interface was not as smooth as the likes of Adobe Premiere, the market leader, and unless you have a high-end PC, you will find the system will slow down once you start to add effects using the video editing package.

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